Ninety-Nine Strings

Newly created, Ninety-Nine Strings debuts original music for the first time! Although these four young men have been performing cover tunes under the name "The Bugs" for quite some time, they are now releasing their original music to the world. Twins Michael and Chuckie Aiello and Joey Belotti write the original music, and go under the songwriting team, "Bel-lo Music". A creative mixture of pop, rock, and alternative genres bound together by tight harmonies give their music a sweet and unique sound. The members: Joey Belotti (piano/vocal), Noah Trimark (drums/percussion), Michael Aiello (bass/vocal), and Chuckie Aiello (guitar/vocal). Their hard-work and collaboration has spurred the creation of a five-song EP cleverly titled "Working Out The Bugs". Check it out!

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Ninety-Nine Strings

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