The Bugs

The Bugs - Michael, Chuckie, Joey, and newly found member Noah have been playing for over 7 years now. Their unique style of singing intricate three-part-harmony to Beatles' songs has given them opportunities to share their music with the nation. From graduation parties, to festivals, to birthday parties, or even fundraisers they've done em' all! They love every second of performing, from the musical side to the social side! Therefore, please take some time to check em' out below! Thanks for all your support and remeber: "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality" - John Lennon

Michael Aiello

 - Bass Guitar

 - Vocals



Chuckie Aiello

 - Lead Guitar

 - Vocals

Joey Belotti

 - Keyboard

 - Vocals


Noah Trimark

 - Drums

 - Percussion

The Bugs

Ninety-Nine Strings

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